CME built its first fire-fighting vehicle in the early 1980’s. Since then, they have not look back and has accumulated over twenty years of experience in designing and manufacturing various types of fire fighting and safety vehicles. CME of today has become an experience comprehensive solutions provider to the fire fighting industries with a reputation for delivering customized, value driven vehicle solutions that incorporate safety and reliability that comply with the highest standards such as NFPA, ICAO and CEN. CME now stands proudly at the forefront of the industry in the country.

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Over the years, CME has designed and built various types of fire-fighting vehicles, specialist vehicles, airport crash tenders, hazmat vehicles, aerial access ladders, cranes, fuel transfer vehicles including refuellers, riot control vehicles, fire-fighting and rescue equipment and fixed installations. During this period, CME has delivered to Jabatan Bomba Dan Penyelamat over four hundred (400) units of different models of water tenders, hazmat vehicles and other specialist vehicles. Other major customers are Petronas Malaysia, Shell, Exxon Mobil, Port Authorities, Malaysia Airport Berhad and chemical plants.

You are invited to a quick tour of our photogallery to view the fire and safety vehicles built by us.

Fire-fighting vehicle As a company that is involved in a field as critical as this, CME has made it a duty to keep forging ahead to stay on the cutting edge of fire rescue technologies. With this in mind, CME has strived and is one of the pioneer fire/specialist vehicle manufacturer in the country to achieve the ISO 9001 certification. ISO standards are the worldwide benchmark for quality. As an ISO-certified manufacturer, it demonstrates that CME is committed to quality. The Certification gives you added confidence that you're buying from a manufacturer dedicated to quality products and services. Also the quality systems stand up to independent, third-party verification. To keep the ISO 9001 registered status, CME are being audited twice per year to prove they are maintaining good practices.

With the ISO 9001 certification, not only CME have to maintain stringent quality requirements, all suppliers to CME are encouraged to meet many of the same stringent quality requirements and works with them to improve their quality systems as well.

Fire fighting vehicle testing To further enhanced operations and competitiveness, the hardware is complemented by the best talents and software application available in the industry. From prototyping and designing, manufacturing, testing and quality control, repairs and maintenance, to technical back-up and after sales service; the people at CME are committed to delivering the best results. This commitment is reflected in the high level of customer satisfaction.

In order to achieve this high level of customers satisfaction, CME’s technician and engineers are specially trained in their field of expertise and are frequently sent for refresher courses and to our major component suppliers for training and familiarisation of the product. CME also maintain a comprehensive and a wide range of replacement spare parts and components to facilitate our after sales service programs, service exchange programs and refurbishment exercises complementing our field in technical expertise and know how in fire engineering. And lastly, CME has also invested in a NFPA designed and approved test pit/pond that holds approximately 30,000 litres of water used for pump test that can go up to a flow rate of 3,500 us gallons per minute.

These are all done in order to minimize our customer vehicles “off the road” down time which is very crucial in the fire fighting industry and of course to meet the requirements of our very satisfied customers.


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